A simplistic take on the nation’s budget crisis

5 thoughts on “A simplistic take on the nation’s budget crisis”

  1. If I can read between your lines, I think we both think that most legislators and the president himself are either liars, or ignorant, or both. The fear mongering focused on our imminent default unless the debt ceiling is increased is pure demagoguery. There’s enough federal income right now to pay interest on outstanding loans, and the shortfall will be to promises of increased future spending. Thus, your suggestion for across the board cuts is obviously a good idea.

    Strategically… I would think that we could learn from European countries that have a long history of cradle to grave entitlements. They have finally run out of other people’s money, but instead of seeing our future in their failure, we’ve doubled down by militarily attacking countries we’ve financially aided as recently as last year. If an evil empire, determined to eliminate the USA were pulling the strings or our marionette like leaders, it couldn’t do a better job than they’re doing by themselves.

    That’s what I think.

  2. “Our bickering politicians should be locked in a room together and not allowed out until they’ve agreed on a solution.” – Exactly, and under armed guard!

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