Not over ’til the fat lady sings

8 thoughts on “Not over ’til the fat lady sings”

  1. More good advice, but I use and so much that I don’t think anybody in DC even opens my emails anymore. They all send me the same boilerplate response beginning with “Thank your…” even when I’ve asked them resign for the good of humanity. Then they recap with a little historical snippet of the topic I’ve complained about as if I had no idea what I was complaining about in the first place. That’s not going to stop me though.

    1. I’m under no illusion about their actually reading my mail. I’m convinced they have staff or computers that read the mail, determine the topic of each (keyword search), and tally the responses pro and con. Then the computers send out a form letter relating to that topic. But at least I feel my opinion has been counted. And reports are that a lot of opinions have been received in Washington the last few days.

      1. And yet, both sides are STILL claiming that the clear majority supports there position. I think they must be thinking of that mysterious species know as “The P-E-E-P-U-L” that you never seem to encounter in the real world!

  2. I think we should send them all pizza with a note saying “no one’s going anywhere until you fix this.” Signed, the American People (and not just the ones that elected you). Lock the doors and post guards armed with ink guns so they can spray down any of these asswipes who try to get out.

      1. It wasn’t me!
        I think it would be funny though, if everyone in America ordered them a pizza. You can imagine the place filled with tons of stinking uneaten pizza – a reminder to get this done. Especially effective if they can’t get out.

  3. If you guys think what’s going on now is good Kabuki Theater, wait till the hard line, fiscal conservatives stick to their principles and the debt ceiling fails to be raised. We’ll finally get to see who tries to prioritize what form of corporate welfare over and above contractual obligations.

    The chicken hawk advocates of perpetual wars who don’t bother to rethink their promises to Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GE, Caterpillar, KBR and munitions producers will be exposed along with the benefactors of SEIU and other parasites sucking on the tit of the bureaucratic leviathan as they attempt to devise ways to avoid constituent ire for not putting debt payments and pre-paid social service obligations first.

    Okay, I’m dreaming.

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