You’ll really sound precocious

3 thoughts on “You’ll really sound precocious”

  1. It’s a great big, beautiful, wonderful, incredible, super-spectacular day
    And your heart is humming with good times coming
    And you got that happy feeling things are going your way
    All the bells are ringing and a little bird’s singing while he sits on your windowsill
    Singing yessiree, I can surely see, it will plainly be, most definitely
    A super-spectacular day!

    You go out for a spin and your sunroof caves in
    And the steering wheel shakes so you slam on the brakes
    And the gears get all stuck as you sideswipe a truck
    And you run out of gas while you’re trying to pass
    And you’re stalled on the tracks and you try to relax
    But the train’s coming through and it’s heading for you
    And you have a quick flash as you brace for the crash….
    That it’s not such a super spectacular day.

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