Debate cameras missing the best stories

3 thoughts on “Debate cameras missing the best stories”

  1. It’s a good point, and I agree, Pied, but I have to note that we have come a long way since a sweaty Nixon with a 5 o’clock shadow faced a youthful JFK before the cameras, have we not? I think the debates are an outstanding way for the electorate to see who can think on their feet and under pressure, and be articulate at the same time. Perry’s blurt about SS being a Ponzi scheme is a good example.

    1. I love the debates. I’d just like to see more shots of the candidates who aren’t speaking. Some of Perry, for example, have been pretty revealing — indifference, incomprehension, disdain. There’s much more there for us to learn from than just the candidates’ answers (or non-answers, as the case may be).

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