Perry’s wife claims Christian victimization

3 thoughts on “Perry’s wife claims Christian victimization”

  1. Hmm. What about true-believer Michelle Bachman? Does Anita believe that Rick has an edge with God over her? I’m just wondering. Could there be some sexism at play here? I’m thinking that might be the case; after all, God made Adam before he made Eve.

    1. She said of the other candidates, obviously including Bachmann: “… they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel that we are here for that purpose.” I guess although several may have thought they were called, she believes only “we” were truly called. An element of sexism wouldn’t surprise me, given Biblical literalism. But personally, I don’t think God is into politics or he’d have called an obvious winner, not the likes of Perry or Bachmann.

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