Worth 1,000 words

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  1. What an awesome image! That would make for a very nice wallpaper too, if I had a larger version (hint, hint). Still very little snow here so far Pied, but 2011 topped our average annual rainfall by over 15 inches. 😯

  2. It would be a dull world without the ever-changing weather, Susan. Some of our most memorable vacations were at Ocean Point in Maine. We stayed at an inn out on a southward-jutting point and looking West. Seabirds, wavelets, boats rocking at anchor. Watch the sun set over an island and then walk through the dusk to dinner. Priceless.

    I am reminded of an old, poignant science fiction short story about “slow glass”, an invention whereby light passing through panes of the stuff was slowed by years to pass through a few inches of it. Therefore, one could set a piece of slow glass up in a scenic place to absorb the view and the seasons, and then take it home to enjoy the replay over time. It could outsell great art! Wyoming and Maine would be great sites for such an invention.

    1. Slow glass. What a wonderful idea. My home would be filled with it, and it would be filled with images of the Rockies and the everchanging light, sky, clouds, seasons. And surely anyone who could create slow glass could do it wall-sized and with surroundsound. I would never underestimate man’s ability to create anything he can imagine …

      1. Now isn’t that interesting, Izaak. When I dredged “slow glass out of my memory I had no idea that there was even a Wikipedia page on it! Bob Shaw’s short story has been lodged in my brain for some 45 years – when I was a teen I probably read every single issue of Astounding SF and Galaxy magazines and that story made a lasting impact on my imagination. What a machine is the human brain!

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