Technology lets Santa make ‘personal’ phone calls

11 thoughts on “Technology lets Santa make ‘personal’ phone calls”

  1. I got a notice from Google about this the oyther day but, as you say, the site isn’t exactly information rich. I’ll check out the other link you gave so I can forward some useful info to my kids to make use of this for my grand-kids. Thanks! 😀

      1. I don’t remember signing up for anything. I guess I just thought it was part of the whole Google/Gmail package. I went searching through my old emails for the notice, but stopped once my head and eyes began to hurt! 😀

    1. No changes that would affect loading speed, as far as I know. I’ll admit I’m pretty lazy about optimizing pictures (it kills me to purpose degrade a high-quality image) and I should check my loading times more often at A few days ago, everything on my browser was loading like glue; I assumed later it was my router failing.

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