This is Colorado

4 thoughts on “This is Colorado”

    1. NP. His work is my ticket to the park when I can’t get there. And the park is … well, I’ve never found the right words to describe what those mountains mean to me.

  1. Thanks for the link – Estes is one of my favorite places – spent a lot of time camping as a kid, later dragged my own family up those trails there as often as possible, and still try to get back ( and envy my cousins who live nearby). SIgh. Needed this mountain fix.

    1. Estes is my favorite place in the world. Have been vacationing there (almost no place else) since I was a kid. For years I’ve sought a way to actually live there, but I’m neither very wealthy nor willing and able to live a very spartan life. These days I am reluctantly conluding that I just don’t want to live that far from doctors and hospitals and the conveniences of the city.

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