Your Medicare bureaucracy at work

8 thoughts on “Your Medicare bureaucracy at work”

  1. Medicare is worthless. I will be homeless in less than 30 days due to medical bills and the pathetic SSD payment received each month. Spent the majority of my life working my ass off -with no help from anyone else- making 6 figures. Now I have to live on 900.00 a month. Retirement savings all gone. At least got my child raised right and she is on her own, 4.0 with a full scholarship and housing at a very good university.

    Medicare pays LESS than 50% for procedures relating to my actual disability. WTF. The medical bills and inability to find affordable housing are forcing me to the streets.
    Anyone want a 60,000.00 concert grand piano? collection of Roseville and Fiesta and one of the top three premiere collections of antique talking boards and Ouija boards in the world?
    Hey I collect Americana. Sports cards and figurines are for the unimaginative.

    I won’t be able to pay for storage. For anything. Not even my daughter’s things, reviews of my music when playing professionally, Art, or interviews/articles as the owner of a kick-ass unusual store and associated website.
    Going cheap.

    Yeah, your post on Medicare only hits the tip of the iceberg. SSD and Medicare have literally ruined what life I had left. Cannot even afford to hospitalize myself.
    Good to see someone else is paying attention. Made my day.
    Good luck!

    1. Your situation sounds absolutely devastating. And I’ll bet there are others out there just like you. Benefits could be so much better if we weren’t paying for 18 months’ worth of paperwork on $25 claims. We don’t need less Medicare; we need better, more efficient Medicare.

    1. Alarmingly muddled. Distressingly muddled. But I suppose if it had been a big claim, hundreds or thousands of dollars, I’d have been tracking it very closely myself and pushing for information and a resolution.

    1. I think they need to stop spending, start cutting the waste and corruption, and at the very least roll back the “temporary” Bush tax cuts. And by all means, stop the wars and foreign aid and get the job done here first.

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