I don’t usually wear diamonds but …

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  1. An amusing thought just struck me about this all-diamond ring. It is so unusual that anyone seeing it, assuming its owner is not dressed to the nines or riding in a Rolls, is likely to think it came from a box of CrackerJacks. 😆

    Plus, it is necessarily thick on the sides such that it is probably uncomfortable. But then, some people might be willing to have surgery to accommodate it. Even that wouldn’t surprise me these days.

    1. Have I not mentioned several times my willingness to have a finger (or fingers) sized to accommodate it? 😉
      As for the discomfort — surely you jest. Women have been wearing high heels and corsets for centuries!

      1. A friend sent this to me by email after I had sent her a link to the Shawish website. “Interesting but very odd –looks like a copy of a ring out of a crackerjack box.” I hadn’t thought of it, but you and she are right!

        Knowing that I, myself, do not groove on diamonds, my daughter emailed, “OK, now I happen to like diamonds. However, the all-diamond ring is a bit much!!”

      2. I live an extremely casual lifestyle and have always felt uncomfortable with anything more gaudy than a .5 carat wedding ring. (Actually, I’ve never had anything more than that.) I’m enough of a snob that I don’t wear zircons or rhinestones; for me it’s the real thing or nothing. Of course, owning a ring like this would imply I can live the lifestyle in which it would be entirely appropriate …

      3. “Women have been wearing high heels and corsets for centuries!”

        An excellent observation, PT! That is perspicacious beyond the charter allowed my gender! 😆 😆

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