Jack Cafferty

Cafferty renews our relationship

Jack Cafferty
Jack Cafferty

Jack Cafferty’s first question on CNN this afternoon was “Is paying less tuition for a three-year college degree a good idea?” As usual, it was preceded by a thoughtful little commentary from Cafferty. My reply was: If a student goes to summer school and completes four years of course work in three years, fine. But don’t degrade a 4-year bachelor’s degree by chopping out 25% of the content. If students want less, they can get 2-year associate degrees.

He must have liked it. It was one of eight or so that he read on the air. Gotta love a guy astute enough to fill his airtime with my utterances!

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6 thoughts on “Cafferty renews our relationship

  1. CONGRATS on being recognized! YEA YOU!!!!!! Great observation / comment.
    Hope someone mentioned that arriving to college prepared and not needing remedial courses, summer school, advance placement, dual credit, and correspondence courses for stupid-required-stuff-I hate-like-“health” can cut costs….as well as careful selection of courses – and make sure you study and pass everything!.

    1. Most of that was mentioned by one or more people. Lots of good comments on Cafferty’s website. I don’t recall anyone mentioning that passing everything the first time can save a ton of time and money. Excellent point!

  2. A very good observation. The time is long past due when a college degree is viewed by employers in the context of its content and the effort made by its recipient rather than the so-called prestige of the institution, something that primarily derives from skimming the cream off the pool of applicants rather than efficiency of teaching.

    Mollie and I saw an excellent episode of “Harry’s Law” the other night about a young and very bright 16-year boy who was determined to set out on his own, like a young Steve Jobs, and whose parents engaged a lawyer to force him to bend to their wishes and go to college.

    Harry’s Law, with Kathy Bates, was bashed by critics when it first appeared on the scene but the script writers quickly came up to speed and with their star’s immense ability it has become one of the very best series on TV, IMHO. The show not only takes up the most interesting legal issues of our culture but explores the limits of views in immensely entertaining fashion. For anyone who liked the old series, “The Practice”, this one is even better.

    1. That would be a tough call, a 16-year-old determined not to go to college. Even if he was forced to go, they couldn’t force him to study. How did the show end? (From personal experience I can tell you if a child is determined not to study and not to attend class and graduate, he won’t. However, we didn’t try hiring a lawyer …)

      I enjoyed “Harry’s Law” (love Kathy Bates) until I realized “Tommy Jefferson” was going to be a regular. I really didn’t like him. I do enjoy the most of the lawyer shows that deal with today’s complex social and legal issues. There’s certainly no dearth of subject matter!

      1. In the episode, Harry (Kathy Bates) persuaded the Judge to persuade the kid and his parents, under threat of a Solomon-esque decision that nobody would like, to work out some compromise, possibly with some Community college time.

        I agree that the Tommy Jefferson character is over the top. However, since the opening episodes the writers have introduced more verisimilitude and made him less bizarre. Same with the womanizer guy. I hope you give it another chance.

        1. Having no way to record shows for later viewing, I’m left flipping coins for any given time slot. I don’t recall the schedule, but I’m guessing there’s something competing with “Harry’s Law” that I like better. As for the episode’s compromise, I still believe you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

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