Doggone it, WordPress

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    1. There are plenty to choose from. It’s just taken me so long to finally get this one the way I like … change is going to be a real hassle and, for the first time, not free.

    1. Anyone who has followed me for a year or more has seen several theme changes a year. It’s a creative exercise and for me, exercise of any kind is badly needed!

  1. Nice theme. I do like the Morning After theme, though. It was my theme until I changed to Enterprise. Then I bought the upgrade so I could modify the CSS and make my site unique.

    I spent $400 on buying an unlimited package for themes for sites. But they’re all very professional and have specific purposes in mind. So I’m using them on some of my .org sites, and some business sites I’m building.

    1. I have the CSS upgrade. There’s inevitably some tinkering I want to do, and for the most part it has allowed me to scratch the itches. I’ve been sorely tempted by the huge number of themes available on, especially the magazine types, but I’ve been “independent” before and found it to be quite a lot of work, since my coding abilities (or inabilities) really get me into the weeds sometimes.

      1. Love it! That’s exactly the type I would choose. And nothing floats my boat quite like that rich, handsome gray. Great on its own, and a great neutral to set off any color on the page. That’s exactly the sort of theme that pulls me so hard toward …

      2. Don’t know how you juggle so many sites. I did that for a while and then just gave up and combined them all into one. I was spending way too much time just trying to decide where to put each new post, and which site needed/deserved my time and attention.

      3. Oh, I am building some sites to use for marketing dog stuff and another one for stuff like my “Religion is like a penis” t-shirt. Another site is just for my photography. One is dedicated completely to dogs. They each have their purpose. But this is the site where I speak out. The others I don’t.

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