Surprise! Romney in trouble with women voters

15 thoughts on “Surprise! Romney in trouble with women voters”

  1. Yeah, I saw that on CNN a while ago. Didn’t watch but just a minute or two, but she was carrying on about how funny her husband is and how she wanted everyone to know that. Personally, I don’t care if he makes me laugh until I pee my pants every day, but he’s not fit to run the country.

    1. I’ve added “insults my intelligence” to the list of things I don’t like about him. There’s nothing she can say or do that will change who he is or my perception of him. (I’ll bet she loves dogs, too.)

    1. Trust a canine to see the quickest, most direct solution to a problem. Would you consider running for president? You’d be a shoo-in for the popular vote.

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