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Romney and Bain Capital — ugh!

Mitt RomneyI’ve known for some time that disliking Mitt Romney because of his social awkwardness, general cluelessness, and tying his dog on top of his car were not necessarily valid reasons for discounting his candidacy, although they certainly don’t help. Nor does his Etch-a-Sketch flip-flopping and general tendency to sidestep tough questions about important issues. I just don’t like anything about the man.

But it gets worse. I had heard some mention of his Bain Capital operations, but to date hadn’t paid much attention. They didn’t sound good, but I never bothered to read much about them. Until now. I just read an article that laid them out in detail, and sure enough, they are every bit as bad as I thought. Maybe worse. For more about how those Bain “investments” worked, check out “Mitt Romney and Bain Capital Represent Everything You Hate About Capitalism.” I’m all for smart, hard-working individuals making a nice profit by selling goods or services in a market that wants them. But making a profit by buying a profitable company, skimming your profits off the top and up front, and then abandoning what remains of that company to flounder in your wake as you sail off to do it again elsewhere … that rankles. Big time. I don’t like the way this guy operates.

Not that any of it really matters. He sealed his fate with me the day I watched him address that crowd in Iowa and in his most patronizing, smarmy tone say, “Corporations are people, my friend.” Yeah, right.

7 thoughts on “Romney and Bain Capital — ugh!

  1. Yes, PT, I agree on this one. The term “parasite” seems to fit well. To do well at what Bain Capital does would seem to require a dead zone in the brain’s empathy center, or so it seems to me. And what does it say about someone who conceived the idea of this kind of company in the first place? I know the natural world needs vultures, but this? Not the same thing.

    1. Bad enough to leech off other companies, but to actually cripple and destroy them in the process for nothing other than personal gain … it’s so … soulless. This is something to be proud of? This qualifies someone to be president? And this is the candidate who claims he’ll create jobs!

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