SpaceX Dragon returns safely to lair

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    1. I’ve added some screenshots since you commented. Yes, the lousy coverage was very disappointing. I blame it entirely on the media not assigning appropriate significance to the story and planning good coverage in advance. Still, you’d think NASA, or SpaceX, or the two together, would have planned something better.

      1. The media seem fixated on John Edwards today. Well, the more liberal media. Fox would rather pound Obama. Science takes a back seat. Again.

  1. As an avid space program fan (since Apollo program – yes I’m a bit old) I was really frustrated. I live in Brazil and stayed wake all night long up to 6:00 watching the NASA on line “live show”. I was expecting beautiful images showing the ship approaching the ISS (in retrospective, of course), full video taking of all the return process to earth – at least the initial phase – showing the separation from the station and the beginning of descent. Not just a few takes where we couldn’t see anything but fixed cameras showing people seated at control room. Even the maneuver using the ISS arm was off. Yes, you can blame the media and the average Joe for being more connected to politics and sports. But with the current resources and the Internet there is no excuse for NASA to make such a lame covering of a so important event (as repeated by themselves over and over).

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m old enough to remember Telstar and Sputnik. After decades of great NASA coverage (Mercury, Apollo, moon missions, et al), I was expecting something similar this time. I can only assume the difference is that SpaceX is a private company and Dragon was not NASA’s baby. At least I didn’t have to sit through the night for that disappointing coverage. It started at 7 or 8 am here.

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