Back off, Bloomberg

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  1. I think this is actually a payoff to the VZC South Korean security camera companies CEO (Hu Ho Mei) who contributed a zillion dollars to Bloomberg’s last election campaign. In order to enforce the spirit of his
    Big Universal Law Limiting Sugars Health Inhibiting Track record, the collection of evidence of multiple purchases of legally sized drink containers by a single person will become paramount and justify the law enforcement communities procurement of thousands of security cameras.

    1. Ingenious! I’d assumed it had something to do with kickbacks to the drink container manufacturers. Or to the manufacturers of those cardboard multi-drink carriers. Or maybe to those businesses that are still allowed to sell big drinks (there are exceptions to the new law, but I don’t understand why).

  2. We are becoming (and have become) a country where we are responsible for other people’s actions – in other words – no self-responsibility. It’s McDonald’s fault that people are grossly obese. No, it’s your fault – except for those with thyroid or other medical problems. It’s John Dough’s Store’s fault that I slipped on the ice on the sidewalk in front of their store and broke my leg. No, it was an accident. Sue the ice and best of luck.

    1. And the quickest way out of a tight financial spot is to sue someone. Anyone. Everyone. Like the case in Denver a while back. An auto accident killed a little girl in a nearby ice cream shop and two years later her parents sued 20 different people (even though the driver of the vehicle died in the crash).

  3. Truly, if I were mayor of one of the largest cities in the nation I would single out soft drinks. Hell, what else could possibly be happening to focus on.
    Got your Twinkie Defense right here babe

    1. If I were mayor, I’d never be able to decide which evil fattening thing to go after, but of course it would be something I personally don’t like and would never miss. Actually, sugary drinks might be it, because I always buy the diet stuff.

      1. Sprite Zero for me, partly for the advantages of being colorless (no staining teeth or anything else) and non-sticky if spilled. Plus it’s healthier for visiting grandkids who may get thirsty and are also more prone to spilling than I am.

      2. diet lemon lime is still too sweet for me. I don’t like the caffeine in anything else because of insomnia. Stop drinking coffee by 11:00 am. Yep calories keep me on the diet soda train.
        What’s better? A coke or a glass of Cabernet? Know my answer heh.
        Mea Culpa: Buy regular coke when my daughter is here… of course she is a size 4, lives in SF and walks all of the time. Poor kid is doomed when she hits 25 or so. Yay genetics.

      3. Oh yeah, I also like the Sprite because it doesn’t have caffeine. My caffeine is usually only a cup of coffee in the morning, and never after dinner. Regular Coke tastes like icky syrup to me, but I’m not much on wine either, so I’ll just pass on that decision. Iced tea please, preferably raspberry if it’s available.

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