It smells like hope

10 thoughts on “It smells like hope”

      1. Now THAT I’d like to see! Do I sense a “viral video” in your future PT?!?! 😆

        BTW you sneaky devil you, it’s SO freaky to get a comment reply from a post I didn’t remember commenting on! 😯

  1. Been watching channel 9 streaming news. The evacuation footage rivals the hurricane marches here.- last night’s news sounded encouraging. Like you say it will take years to recover – and soil conservation will be critical. But worry about that later – now just cheer the progress! Thanks for the update. (and we peeps are waiting for that dance video…)

    1. Channel 9 is my favorite. They always seem to have the best video and photos and reader-friendly website. Denver Post does pretty well too.

      No video! Nope. Not gonna do it. But is sure is fun to have peeps 🙂

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