Jobs, jobs, jobortion

This is an admittedly liberal view of what Republicans are doing about “jobs, jobs, jobortion,” as Rachel Maddow puts it. Nobody does liberal better than Maddow.

Briefly, Maddow goes off on Republicans who, despite their insistence that the issue is “jobs, jobs, jobs,” keep pushing anti-abortion legislation at every opportunity. They do so even if it means adding anti-abortion amendments to completely unrelated legislation like that extending flood protection (this from Sen. Rand Paul).

Thanks to IzaakMak over at I Want Ice Water for bringing this to my attention.

The war on women goes on …

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3 replies

  1. Thanks PT, for both the plug AND the YouTube version of Rachel’s segment! I searched for it several times but couldn’t find it, which forced me to go with the weird looking MSNBC embed. My post has now been updated, and I’m subscribed to the channel your video came from too! 😀

    • I had to go to YouTube for it because lockerz doesn’t work and I couldn’t get it from MSNBC or figure out how you got it. Most things turn up on YouTube sooner or later. Unfortunately, some also disappear, like Jimmy Kimmel’s classic political Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

      • Tell me about it! It seems like I have to replace a video or two in some older post at least once a week. I actually considered downloading the Maddow clip and then uploading it to my YouTube account, but thought better of it because of copyright concerns. Even now, I’d prefer to have the MSNBC embed version on my blog, but it just looked so bad! 🙄

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