Colorado wildfires: The animal stories

5 thoughts on “Colorado wildfires: The animal stories”

  1. This thing just has layers and layers tragedy associated with it, doesn’t it? Every now and then I think having a pet, like a cat maybe, would be nice to have for company. But then I start wondering what would happen to it if I ended up in the hospital again – or worse. I know that probably sounds a little weird, but the thought of leaving my little friend stuck here in this apartment all alone really takes the “shine” off the idea for me. I admire you guys for your courage…

    1. Nah, not courage. I just decided I’d rather “think positive” about living here and have the pets that enrich that life, rather than go on thinking “I might not stay here” and keep denying myself the pleasure of their company for … how long? the rest of my life?

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