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Beauty’s beak

Love wildlife? Love birds? Love eagles? You’ll love this. It’s not exactly breaking news and parts of it are not easy to watch — it’s always distressing to see what cruel, stupid humans do to innocent creatures. But it’s heartening to see the ingenuity and determination that other humans use to help them.

From the Vimeo website:

Beauty the Bald Eagle gets a second chance with a little help from technology. Shot and edited by Keith Bubach for Evening Magazine (KING-TV). 2008 Emmy winner.

Thanks to reader Imalibertarian for providing this.

Note: This is a new video. The older one from Vimeo was locked.


  1. Inspiring story. Hope soars. Such compassion and dedication.
    Scientists and engineers use knowledge and skills gained from space programs and other “not necessary/waste of money” projects for betterment of man and beasts here on earth.
    Nice find, thanks

  2. I remember seeing this when it aired here at home. Thank you for reminding me of it. Inspiring story, not just the amazing results of human effort, but the reminder that there are humans who give a damn and will extend themselves to do good things.

    • I, of course, wanted the fairy tale ending. I wanted to see that eagle fly off into the wild and live out its life with its new bionic beak. I understand why that couldn’t happen, but still … Anyway, I’m just relieved he survived the stress while the beak was being fitted and attached.

  3. Poor eagle 😦
    I was surprised that they didn’t put it under or something, but I’m glad it got through the fitting ok. It’s amazing what technology can do for humans and animals alike these days

    • It’s a wonderful story. I almost didn’t get through seeing that poor bird in the shape he (or she) was in before the implant. It really upset me. Thank goodness there was a happy ending.

  4. PT–I more than *like* this–I love this story! So often in the news we hear about the ugly side of our humanity. Here, we get to share in the beautiful side of those trying to right a horrible wrong. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us all. 🙂

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