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  1. I see quakies!!! I love that drive! I’ve done it a few times, but it’s been a couple decades for me, too. I should make a point of going back up there sometime. It’s so beautiful, I’m jealous. I would love to live up there. Actually, I would love to live in Colorado Springs. Rather fell in love with it when I went to Garden of the Gods. The town was interesting… An older section, then an uptown-type area with malls, stores, restaurants, trending stuff. But my favorite was an eclectic artsy type area. It’s where we came out when we drove through the Garden. And the temperature and elevation would be more to my liking. And it’s only a short drive to Denver, Boulder, and Estes Park.

    Oh, sigh. Now I’m all sad because I want to live up there and can’t afford the move. And wouldn’t have a job then. 🙁

      1. Kudos. Most people don’t notice or care about a change as “minor” as fonts as long as major features and locations remain undisturbed.

    1. I didn’t get to move here, finally, until I retired. Don’t give up hope; you’ve still got lots of time. And the great thing about the mountains is they aren’t going anywhere.

  2. Very nice, PT. Mollie and I have been to Colorado a few times, but only to the Colorado Springs area, not to this park. I would not have fared well on this trip because my lungs can’t operate at that height – mainly headache and light-headedness. It’s a reminder I think of how narrow is the zone of life on our blue marble.

    Twelve thousand feet is 2 1/4 miles or 0.028% of the Earth’s diameter. Translated to the scale of the NG 12″ globe in my office that is a layer only three thousandths of an inch thick! In engineering that is often expressed as “three thousandths” of an inch. I just measured a sheet of paper from my printer at four thousandths of an inch.

    How precious is our thin veneer, and how vulnerable!

  3. Correction (oops):

    ” . . . that is a layer only 0.00028″ thick!” Translated to the scale of the NG 12″ globe in my office that is a layer only 0.00035 inches thick! In engineering terms that could be expressed as “three and a half ten-thousandths” of an inch. I just measured a sheet of paper from my printer at four one-thousandths of an inch, so the layer of breathable air on my globe would be eleven times thinner than a sheet of paper on its surface.

    1. The math is a bit beyond me, but your point is quite clear. We can’t be careful enough when it comes to protecting the very thin, fragile atmosphere that keeps us and the earth alive.

      I’m sorry to hear the park’s elevation is prohibitive for you. Several members of my family have similar problems now. My younger sister, on the other hand, can fly up here from Oklahoma City for a weekend and do an 8-mile hike in the park without a second thought. Beats me how she does it.

  4. Hehe, I’ve been up Old Fall River Road once. It’s an exciting one, for sure. I love being on Trail Ridge Road. You feel like you’re close to being on top of the state. Nice write-up about your day!
    Were a lot of trees turning?

    1. Thx. No, not a lot of color yet. But enough to know the peak this year will earlier than usual (I read somewhere that the overall multiyear average peak day is Sept. 27). Unfortunately, the heat and drought have already taken a toll and a lot of the aspens looked pretty brown; not much left to turn yellow. I wouldn’t wait more than two weeks to get up there if you plan to go. Better yet, call Park Headquarters for updates.

  5. Finally cooled off enough to go outside – so a bit behind on reading! What a glorious trip – thanks for taking us along – and the pixs. The road, always rough, is probably end of the year bouncy. They did a big re-do of the Alpine center a few years ago….it’s always bad when you see a couple of tour buses parked by the restrooms!
    There are actually a few “real” souvenirs if you know where to look: usually in a back room on the side. There you can find authentic Native American jewelry(they know the tribe, often the artist, often even the mine where stones came from / weaving / crafts/pantings. Prices are reasonable – and money goes to the local artists. You won’t see multiple copies of the jewelry pieces – these are crafted not factory made. I used to work with serious Turquoise dealers/collector and am pretty picky – you have to be careful when purchasing.
    OK enough about invasion of foreign made crap.
    Enjoy the Colorado fall for me!!!!! I am not giving up hope…

    1. I buzzed through there pretty fast, and it’s just as well I didn’t see the “real” stuff. I have zero sales resistance when I see something I like. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect turquoise earrings and have wanted the perfect Two Gray Hills rug or tapestry for decades. Can’t afford the rug, and am too wary to buy most turquoise (I know I don’t know how to spot the good stuff, and I’m really, really picky about the color and matrix).

      I hope to hit the high country several more times this month. I’ll think of you while I’m there!

      1. I did manage a Two Grey Hills small rug years ago – and also have zero sales resistance with good quality turquoise – it’s all I ever wear – One of the large dealers once told me “only buy what you truly love – even if the other pieces are greater – better to have fewer ones and wear them all the time than many you don’t really love and never wear.”
        Someday we are going to have to have coffee and stare at the mountains

      2. I’m so envious of your rug! I should have sprung for one years ago, too. No way I can afford one these days.

        Coffee sounds like fun. And certainly cheaper than shopping!

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