Pardon my schadenfreude …

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  1. Maybe I’m being naive, but I don’t have a problem with FB. I have nothing to hide and I don’t care who knows my political and religious opinions. And no amount of Russian trolling or hacking could get me to change my mind and become a trump supporter or a religious fanatic, racist or bigot.

    1. And you have no problem with Facebook selling or giving all your information (addresses, phone numbers, friends, etc.) to their business partners? (That’s how Facebook makes its money.) Or being lax enough with their security to allow it to be stolen? Or lying to you about how safe your information is? Do you get unexpected spam email, robocall phone calls, etc? Have you posted any children’s pictures? They can be copied and stolen by child pornographers. Your marking stuff “private” only, maybe, hides it from the public. Facebook itself can see everything. As long ago as 2011 they were penalized by the FTC for their practices (“FTC slaps Facebook”). And just recently, they had a little “oopsy” where they exposed the private posts of millions of users.

      But as long as you’re okay with all this, fine. 2.2 billion users agree with you. I’m just a cranky old woman who is easily annoyed by people who aren’t honest with me.

      1. I said I was probably naive, but I imagine Facebook is just one of many who do this. We live in a world where nothing is truly private and selling information is the norm. I’m not saying it’s right, just that there are more important worries right now and the main one is to turn over this administration we currently have in the Whitehouse or none of this will matter a whit.
        Grumpy is ok.😊

      2. johnthecook…Pied Type.I hate to be the one to tell you,Facebook is NOT the only company to sell your information. There are many legitimate companies that will send you a form TELLING you how they share your private information with their business associates leaving you with little or no options to do anything about it. Sure there are opt out options,but they are few and far between. The local utility companies you are using;gas,electric,water,solar,have all your information stored on a data base and they have been known to sell some of that information to other entities that will pay for it. Some of the biggest offenders are cable companies internet provider companies,telephone companies and I am sure there are others.
        Just the other day I responded to an add I saw on my Google Chrome homepage telling me about Arizona paying off my mortgage if I have never missed a mortgage payment. I clicked on it;filled out a eleven question form and hit send. With in 1 (one) minute my house phone rang,and then for the next hour my house phone rang no less than 8 times. Each one of the people I talked to wanted to know if I wanted to refinance my house. How did all those different people get my phone number? Two of those calls were out of State. When I was in the US Navy I found out the Phone Company in New York was allowing Recruiting Districts to lease a Coles Directory (reverse phone number Telephone book) complete with demographic information based on zip code and area code.
        The bottom line is we (the public) will never know who our information is being sold to. I like that old cliche “Buyer Beware”!

      3. Hey, John, sorry I missed this comment earlier. I know our information is being widely spread by, it seems, everyone. It’s just Facebook’s duplicity that bothers me — telling people their info is “private” at the same time they’re giving or selling it to all their business partners.

  2. I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is OK with it, and is probably enjoying some schadenfreude too. 😉

    I’m ever so grateful that I never fell in to the Facebook trap. Still, on the small amount of social media I’m on, I try to be careful. Nowhere is really safe, but Facebook has always screamed “Danger!” to me. I may be a wuss, but I’m a wuss not on Facebook.

    1. My only Facebook activity is the automatic posting of posts from here. Free advertising, in a way. I used the blog name as the account name. Still waiting for Facebook to come after me for not using my “real name.” Shows you how carefully they enforce their “real names only” policy.

  3. One of those things that started out as such a great idea: closed college/university network for students.
    But guess the lure of potential money and greed was simply too much to ignore.
    FB has never been a kind benevolent friend to anyone.
    I’ve been stunned at how many people didn’t realize how their data was making people rich and being sold to everyone and anyone like crazy.
    A stalker’s dream! Perfect platform for getting even, too.
    The crash couldn’t happen to a better group. They set themselves up for every bit of it.
    FB has a lot to answer for and is responsible for so much of what is wrong with people and society right now. (Of course the blame to be shared by the sheep that willingly followed over the cliff…)

    1. Yep, the crash couldn’t have happened to a more deserving outfit. I’ve been amazed/appalled to see how, despite their years-long record of horrible transgressions, their user base continued to grow like the virus it is. Facebook and Twitter both have been so incredibly useful to the REAL purveyors of fake news — especially the Russians. And why anyone would trust a “news” feed curated by Facebook is beyond me. All the viciousness and vitriol that’s been so easy and “normal” on social media is spilling over into real life and undermining our social mores and behavior. Scary,

  4. The trouble with the crash is that it wasn’t big enough, a slight bump at the rear end, a cheap fix at some shonky repair shop and all smiles as they drive on their merry way.
    Should have been a total right off and the wreckage put through a crusher, and with those that designed this insidious creature conscripted into the army and sent to Afghanistan!

    1. It was, at least, a big enough bump to be felt and get the attention of Zuckerberg. No court decree or fine would have been as big. And now the shareholders are getting restless and talking about replacing Zuck as chairman. It’s about time.

      1. Yes but the “value” or perhaps I should say the price of the shares can go up again, and those that lost will probably get it all back by fiddling their tax obligations. Those b’s don;t take losing ‘their’ money lightly and you can bet your bottom dollar the tax agents/lawyers are looking for ways to screw the rest to get back what they believe rightfully belongs to them. and getting rid of zuckerman will be the icing on the cake. I doubt he’ll mind though, he can sit back for the rest of his miserable life laughing at the idiots around the world caught up in that vicious web that he wove.

  5. Oh, I know, John. That’s why I keep a second email address to use on sites that likely will share my information, put in fake names and phone numbers, etc. So many sites demand that information before they’ll let you see whatever you want to see. It’s Facebook’s brazen duplicity that annoys me, the fact that they have so many complex privacy settings that actually offer no privacy at all, and constantly lie about what they’re doing, and promising to change and never actually doing it. Incredibly arrogant and cavalier. Not to mention becoming a platform where people can say and do horrible things to other people with no fear of retribution. So much so that those attitudes are spilling from the virtual world into the real world. Same thing with Twitter and probably some others I’m not familiar with.

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