This, too, is America

The Angel City Chorale won a Golden Buzzer* this week on “America’s Got Talent” with their performance of “Baba Yetu.” The song’s composer, Christopher Tin, earned a Grammy for his work in 2005, making Civilization IV the first video game to win a Grammy. “Baba Yetu” was written as the game’s theme song:

A wonderfully diverse choir, multiracial ages 18-88, and a Grammy-winning song. What a feel-good performance!


*Winning the Golden Buzzer means going straight through to the live show

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  1. What’s the “Golden Buzzer”? Does this mean they won first place/prize? Is the prize money, if any split amongst them?

    • As I recall, there are 4 judges and each has a buzzer they can use at any time to vote against an act they don’t like. But there is a fifth “Golden Buzzer” that any judge can hit any time if they think an act is so good it should be immediately sent forward to the live competition (rather than have to continue through elimination rounds). No special awards, just the chance to skip directly to the final round.

      At least, that’s what I recall from watching the show a couple of times several years ago.

  2. I saw that episode! I came upon it quite by accident, since we don’t normally watch ‘America’s Got Talent’. But what a treat! We were transfixed!

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