Facebook lack of privacy is old, old news

13 thoughts on “Facebook lack of privacy is old, old news”

    1. The only reason Pied Type has an automated presence there is to encourage people to come here. And I don’t think of it as being anti-social. I think of it as not being a patsy for Zuckerberg and his friends.

    1. Oh, I believe he sees, intended, and planned for the evil. He doesn’t make his money off his millions of users (who pay nothing to use Facebook). He makes it from selling their information.

  1. Totally floored that people are so outraged and appalled. How did they think it worked?
    FB morphed quickly from, a closed college/university information/meet-up system to a massive data collection company.
    Supermarkets collect/sell data.
    Few people also realize that all that parent/family information given on schools’ Student Information forms each fall is also sold (or has been in this state since the 80’s) There’s this one tiny box to check if you don;’t want it shared – or used to be…and they do try to bully you not filling it all out.
    Data collection has slipped into everything.
    I worked in research that used such data constantly – and it’s not always as secure and with identifiers as people think. Has given me shivers for years….
    Guess people are just so busy outdoing each other with selfies to notice the wolves creeping in the hen house.
    Pretty scary

    1. As my son, an IT developer, puts it: Anytime you use a product or service that’s free, your information is the product. That’s a clumsy paraphrase, but you get the idea.

      1. He’s exactly right
        Those “special prescription cards” for lower pricing on meds by company…read the fine print…some even get access to your med. records (” to improve their products”)
        It’s everywhere with tendrils in so much…even doc’s patients’ electronic med records are not totally shielded

        1. In a world where hackers can spy on us with our own computers, assured privacy may soon be a thing of the post. But why make it any easier for them by putting all your info on Facebook?

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