March for Our Lives offers hope for the future

9 thoughts on “March for Our Lives offers hope for the future”

  1. Been watching it all morning. So so so proud of them all. I was afraid it would die a month or so after Parkland, but it has not. In fact, it’s grown. There are some students who are signing contracts with their parents and other voting family members to vote out the pro-gun politicians come November. These kids may not be able to vote this year, but they have a lot of family members who can — and will.

    1. I’ve been watching too, sometimes with tears in my eyes. They are so strong, so articulate, so driven. I owe them an apology for ever thinking their movement would fade in a week or two.

  2. The getting old, and trite saying” Only in America”; is given credence by this exceedingly strong movement/protest by the young in the US; hopefully it will grow stronger and more powerful and crush the power of the nra ( they don’t deserve the dignity of capitalization).

    It will be the only way that gun control, and civilization, as known in all other developed countries on this earth, can be achieved; the old and wise haven’t got the fortitude to fight for it.

    If they crack, and give up the fight, then the nra will have won, America will sink even further into the death, and destruction, of their youth, and future, for the sake of satisfying the few

    1. Washington is broken. Compromise is a dirty word. Ethics and votes have been sold to the highest bidders. Maybe these young people can bring about change. I’m hopeful, but not optimistic.

  3. johnthecook…Alcohol and illegal drug use kill more people in America EVERY YEAR than some idiot with a gun. Alcohol use can not be controlled,illegal drug use can not be controlled… especially by PEOPLE who are bent on destruction. Just how are the politicians going to control guns?

    1. I’m not trying to discuss gun control here. This post is about commending the young people who have risen up to protest what’s happened to them and to our society. I’m proud of them. I’d like to think they will ultimately make a difference but fear it won’t be long before they become as tired and disillusioned as their elders.

      1. johnthecook…I do not think the young people here fully comprehend the ramifications of their protests. They can protest all they want,but to what end? What has happened to them? Some no count idiots with guns have gone to schools,churches,malls and concerts to shoot innocent,unsuspecting people to bring attention to their concerns. This is a true tragedy.
        We, their elders have failed them miserable by thinking we can legislate morality,and everything will be OK.The Government will take care of it.NOT SO! Our societal problems run much deeper than that.
        Our kids along with a great many adults have this band-aid approach to our Countries ills,but have no real clear cut solutions to fix them. This here (the shootings) speaks of pure evil. Just how do you think America should respond to this evil?

      2. I think the young people don’t fully understand yet what they are up against. But they will learn. And yes, we elders have failed to deal with the problem or the kids wouldn’t be marching. I don’t think guns are a moral issue; I think they are a legal issue that must be addressed with laws. But the reasons people misuse them are many. As a result, the solution must be multi-faceted. I don’t have the answer, but we have to start somewhere. Even small steps would be better than none.

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