Facebook screw up

dislike Facebook

Like I needed another reason to hate Facebook. I just discovered that since November 1, my posts here have not been appearing there. After weeks, or months, of the system working beautifully, with each of my PT posts appearing as summary/preview posts on Facebook, complete with images, the whole thing apparently ground to a halt on November 1. No idea why. I’ve repeated a few steps in the hope of reactivating the system, but a full month is missing now. Not that I get more than a couple of visitors a month referred from Facebook. (Alright, so maybe it was my screw up. I don’t know. If it was, then FB is too damn complicated for me. I should have practiced what I preach.)

Note, Dec. 11: Actually, it now appears the problem was related to WordPress making some kind of change to its Publicize function.

8 thoughts on “Facebook screw up

  1. From what I can tell, no one anywhere in the world likes how FB works. I don’t know how it can remain so popular when all it does is frustrate people. I feel for you and your posting problem. Best of luck resolving it.

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