Two conventions down, two months to go

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  1. Good post, PT. I would take issue with your disdain for Biden’s bumper sticker, however. Sure it’s simplistic, but I submit that it’s good politics in the tradition of such and to not do it would be the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight. Or something like that. 🙂 I can’t help but to like Uncle Joe when he takes up for the little guy.

    1. I like him a lot too, despite his gaffes. He seems so … honest, so unpretentious. I’m not sure he could pull off a lot of political doublespeak if he tried. He’s “just folks.” As is his slogan. It’s blunt, not particularly eloquent, succinct, or clever (which is my preference in slogans). But then, that’s Joe, isn’t it?

  2. Both parties are still selling unrealistic dreams. The republicans began with promising a pot for every chicken and the Democrats responded with the promise of a chicken in every pot. We’re going to wind up importing both chickens and pots.

    1. Well said! I’d be chuckling, but it really is no laughing matter. Frankly, my impression is that no matter where the chickens and pots come from (and imported is a good bet), the Republicans want all of them for themselves.

  3. Good post PT. And I love that image of Gabby Giffords. Unfortunately, Ohio is one of those “battleground” states and I’m sick to death of the whole thing. As much as I hate the idea of Romney and his right-winged dingbats winning this thing, I have little faith that anything much will change regardless…

    1. Colorado is a battleground state too, so I empathize. I was sick of this campaign way back in January, and I fully expect the next two months to be pure hell.

  4. Regarding Imalibertarian’s comment, which is difficult to argue with. As one who long ago voted for a third party presidential candidate, I’ve come to realize that doing so is a wasted vote. Libertarians I know have views that appear in the thinking of backers of both major parties. The trick is to decide which one will reflect most of their ideas. I think the Democrats include most of my libertarian ideas in their platform this time around, but that may vary with individuals.

    1. While I like the idea of standing on principle and voting for a third party candidate, I”d rather have my vote count for or against one of the major candidates. And the Republicans have moved too far right for me.

      1. Since my vote has never broken a tie, I’ll continue to cast my vote for the lesser evil whether they have a chance of being elected or not. We will NEVER elect the least evil candidate until more people realize that Democrats and Republicans are dedicated, civic minded, compassionate idiots.

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