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Snow in the high country

Check out the webcam at the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road. Snow in the high country! I can hear skiers all across the state cheering. Frankly, I’m not ready for snow yet. I’m still getting psyched up about fall and welcoming the end of a really miserable hot, dry summer.

Snow on Trail Ridge Road

Click for current view

Just got word that it’s snowing in Loveland and the daughter-in-law is dancing. Sure enough. Here’s the current view up at Loveland:

Snow at Loveland

Click for current view. May take a while to load. Probably getting hit by every skier within driving distance.

4:30 pm: Heh. Snow’s all gone. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Oops, my mistake. It’s actually snowing at Loveland right now, even though what was on the ground this morning is gone.


  1. PT….Changing of the seasons….similar to changing of the guards….renewal in so many ways. I’m hoping Portland gets a real dump this winter!!! Your daughter-in-law and I should figure out who gets to “lead” as we dance…….

    • It all melted in a couple of hours. I’ll bet that road isn’t closed yet. If you think you might be coming up, call Park Headquarters for into: Visitor Information 970-586-1206 (Daily 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time, recorded information after hours)

      And yes, I try to get up there either before Memorial Day or after Labor Day to avoid the tourists.

      • My brother and family is headed that way shortly – they have been worried about the wild fires but ready to hike – and lounge around on a deck relaxing.
        Unfortunately I have to head east to German sit before long. Not the preferred direction.
        Longmont is very pretty – always thought that might be a nice place to land.

        • The fires are all gone. Only the burn scars remain, significant only west of Colorado Springs and WNW of Fort Collins.

          I seriously considered settling in Longmont. My sister lived there for years and loved it. And it has such great access to Estes. Ultimately I opted to live near my son in Thornton, but I continue to fret that I’m not closer to Estes.

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