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Artichoke in the raw

Must be the season or something, because it was just about a year ago when I got a little rhapsodic about artichokes. Now here I am thinking about them again. Only this time it’s because I came across of photo of an artichoke that had not been harvested for eating but had been left to fully develop. Artichokes are thistles, and while I’ve always known that, I’d somehow never seen a photo of one actually doing its thistle thing. So just for grins, here’s what those artichokes look like if you choose not to eat them:

flowering artichoke

Beautiful, aren’t they? Purple is one of my favorite colors. That said, when it comes to artichoke, I still prefer lots of lemon garlic butter to a purple topknot.



  1. They’re awesome. I really should try to grow them. Maybe next year. My kids are crazy for them. Wish they weren’t so stinking expensive. We usually steam them and just eat them with some garlic and butter. They go fast though. It’s like a competition.

    • That’s the way I like ’em. Don’t want to hide them in something else that covers up their yumminess (theirs and the butter’s). Yes, I regretted introducing my son to them so early. He wouldn’t eat most veggies but he loved artichoke. Naturally. He was holding out for the expensive stuff.

      Are they easy or hard to grow? I have no idea.

  2. Interesting photo. Love those colors together. Think how delightful it’d be to have a dining room decorated in those colors while eating an artichoke dipped in garlic butter. Now there’s a goal for you!

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