A new day, a new photographer: Nate Zeman

“Walk of LIght” by Nate Zeman. © Nate Zeman. Reprinted with permission.

At first glance, I thought this photograph was a close-up of some exotic red flower. An instant later I was guessing that, no, it must be Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Which it is. But its dramatic color and abstract quality are greater than in any other photo I’ve seen of the canyon. This is my new favorite.

The artist/photographer is Nate Zeman, a fellow Coloradan as it turns out, living up in Breckenridge. He moved here from the Midwest just five years ago, having decided this was the place to be if he was going to pursue his love of nature and photography. Luckily for me, he decided to follow Pied Type on Twitter and this morning that notification led me to his website.

Zeman hasn’t limited himself to Colorado; Washington, Wyoming, Wisconsin, and of course Arizona and Utah, are all represented. There’s a wealth of beauty for anyone who enjoys landscapes and wildlife, nature and the outdoors. For anyone who delights in spectacular photography.

I encourage you to visit Nate Zeman Photography. Be sure to view “News” as well as “Collection” to see everything. And while you’re busy exploring, I’ll be imagining which of his stunning photographs I’d buy if I had the means. A mere 8″ x 10″ simply won’t do, you know; I want something big.

So many photographs, so few walls …

7 thoughts on “A new day, a new photographer: Nate Zeman

    1. Heh, what do our brains know? I’ve come back to it again and again. What fascinates me now is how translucent solid rock looks, as though it is glowing from within. I know that’s not possible, and yet …

    1. Mother Nature outdid herself on this, that’s for sure, and luckily Zeman was there. Or maybe luck had nothing to do with it. He might have waited for hours or days to catch this moment.

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