All over but the counting?

14 thoughts on “All over but the counting?”

  1. I know both sides will claim victory, and in the spirit of their propaganda, I will state that I fully expected to be elected by a write-in vote (even though I didn’t actually vote for myself, but that’s beside the point). Yes, I have watched the polls and I can clearly see they are going my way. It is the economy that is moving people to vote for me, because as I have stated, I will lower taxes, decrease the deficit, and create prosperity and wealth for everyone while keeping all entitlement programs intact. Oh, and of course, I will prevent everyone who is not voting for me from voting at all. But how will I do this without controlling state voting policies? Simple, electromagnetic radiation through the earth’s Van Allen belt as a form of mind control. I could’t afford all the television ads, so I’m simply going to “beam” instructions to vote for me into the minds of every citizen. It’s far more economical. Oh, it may heat the atmosphere and cause the polar ice caps to collapse, but that just means all the cheap land will now become water front property. Think of the boom in the construction industry this will provide!

    1. You, sir, are twisted. (But where exactly do you think that future waterfront property might be? It would make a lot of sense to sell what I own now and buy a lot of that before the water rises and the new beach front forms.)

  2. Even when we get through the voting and the counting, and a winner is declared … then what? Can and will a nation — and a Congress — that has been so deeply divided for so long by such rancor just forget it all and start pulling together again? Or have we poisoned our well once too often?

    It’s a pertinent question, and one which depends primarily on a single bloc, the Tea Party Republicans. Ask them.

    1. Right after I wrote that, I thought of the Civil War. We eventually came together after that, more or less. I suppose if we survived that, we can survive this election. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be pretty, though. (The way I feel about the TPGOP, I’m not sure I could speak civilly with any of them. And I’m a fairly easy-going person … )

  3. We won’t have anything settled for months. There is so much hate out there today about the election it is disturbing (much from those who always pretend they are so welcoming to all and open minded. Very sad. Disappointing. Do those people really think they are helping the cause?)
    Forget “agree to disagree” and “respect others’ opinions”? Those ideas used to be what made this country stable
    Hope cooler heads and reason guide everyone today. Peace and kindness to all

    1. Well, the Christmas shopping season is already in full swing. (Ugh!) Maybe the spirit of the season will help cool the overheated political environment (although it usually just makes me grumpier). Not sure that’s going to matter in Colorado, though, considering someone fired a couple of shots into Obama headquarters one day (with workers inside). The irresponsible media whipped up a lot of the frenzy; maybe they have a plan to undo what they have done … nah.

      1. OK 3rd time to try comment. DC stores/malls had Christmas up before Thanksgiving – talk about wearing out welcome…
        The media is much to blame for the nastiness – they rush to outdo each other to get ugly scenes on first. We had shots fired into both party headquarters, too – like that helps anything..and we have maybe 2 years before it starts up again? double UGH!

      2. Noticed some Christmas here before Halloween, led, as I recall, by a Walmart commercial regarding holiday layaways. And Fort Collins has already had their holiday lighting ceremony. One of these days in the not-too-distant future, Christmas will probably just run year ’round. Like political campaigns. I don’t think we’ll go two years before the next campaign starts. Campaigns will be like holiday lights — left in place year ’round.

      3. I’ve always heard they are one of the smartest birds. Too bad that one slow one was around when the pilgrims decided to celebrate. He doomed generations of descendants.

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