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  1. I agree with you, PT! We haven’t been bothered more than 2 or 3 times at the front door in years, but we get at least one commercial call a week, it seems. The most persistent offender is “Cardholder Services”, apparently a national scam that has found a way to use robocalls to evade the law. We are on both the state (MO) and federal “no-call” lists, but the hook is that you have to press a number after the recording. (They imply they can consolidate one’s credit-card debt and reduce the payments.) I punched the number once and was connected to a woman. She verified I wasn’t a Martian by getting me to read off the 800 help number off the back of one of my credit cards. Wanted to know roughly my credit card debt size. I lied, said between $6K and $8K. I could almost hear her salivate. When she launched into a spiel, I laid down the phone. When I picked it up 5 minutes later, she was saying, “Are you still there?” I felt a little guilty, but started my own spiel about how I realized jobs were hard to get but that her employer was causing her to break the law. She hung up on me. Sigh.

    1. LOL.

      My fault for taking the sign down. They were probably the only people who respected it. But having two groups show up less than a day later was just … creepy.

    1. I’ve no doubt that some of the calls I get are because somewhere, once upon a time, I made an inquiry, a small donation, a purchase of a certain type of product, or set up an online account of some kind — and those people instantly started giving or selling my information to entities like themselves or to anyone else who wanted the info. The result over time has been a flood of unwanted calls, snail mail, and email. And maybe even the people who ring my doorbell. And of course there are the robo-dialers, computers that systematically call every possible combination of numbers that could make up a phone number; those will catch even unlisted numbers and cell phones.

  2. Call you Crabby and call me a biatch, because that’s what I am with these people. Actually, I’m not that bad in the sense that I don’t yell at anyone. I don’t pull them down. And so on. But I rarely ever let them get in a full sentence. Even the good ones who know how to typically control the call. But I know most are just trying to bring home a check. Now church people on the other hand… with them I love to have fun with. Almost always the first thing out of my mouth is that I’m an atheist. Then I ask if they wouldn’t mind hearing about atheism and why they should covert. About now is when they start running.

    1. The best I’ve managed so far with any door-to-door people is an annoyed scowl and a “Not interested” as I close the door. I think once I managed to say “Can’t you read?” and pointed to my sign. Seriously, the sign is about 6 inches from both the doorbell and the door handle, and yet they still ring the bell and stick junk under the door handle.

      1. Selective blindness, I guess. I actually did use that line on a woman at a gas station. I’m pumping gas into a van so obviously would be there longer than a mini car and she approaches with some pamphlet. I could easily see what it was. I let her say her opening lines then I proceed to tell her I’m an atheists and how she needs to change her ways and find freedom from the binds of the bible… and she move as fast as she could without breaking into a full run to get away from me. I laughed until I cried.

      2. I would love to have seen that. And it would do wonders for my blood pressure if I could respond like that instead of fuming for hours because I was half-way polite to them despite my annoyance.

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