Why don’t we eat turkey eggs?

9 thoughts on “Why don’t we eat turkey eggs?”

  1. Interesting questions PT. Interesting article as well. Like most people I guess, I’m uncomfortable knowing what goes on behind the scenes to bring the food I eat to the grocery store. And that’s particularly true now, after the mini-feast I gorged on today. Jeez, I’d make a terrible outdoorsman, wouldn’t I?

    Anyway, PBS had a very interesting program on it’s Nature series, called Watch a Preview of My Life as a Turkey. Turkeys really are fascinating creatures. I can see why Benjamin Franklin thought they should be the national bird. If you haven’t seen the show, there’s a link to the full video on that page. 😀

    1. It just struck me as odd that I didn’t remember ever — even once — thinking about turkey eggs. Almost as though they don’t come from eggs … or something.

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