Headed for the open door (‘We Come Running’ videos)

4 thoughts on “Headed for the open door (‘We Come Running’ videos)”

  1. Wow PT, if that’s an example of your taste in music then you have excellent taste indeed! I love the harmonies and the “children’s choir” sound of the chorus. And, even though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, the “We Come Running” makes me think of firemen and soldiers, who run towards, and not away, from danger. I couldn’t resist checking out the other videos of the song! 😀

    1. I generally don’t even listen to music. I saw this group do the song on a late night TV show and got hooked. It reminds me of my enthusiasm and optimism at a much younger age, when all things seemed possible. And it has an infectious beat. I’m no music critic, but when I realize I’ve started tapping my foot to a song without even thinking about it, I call it good. Also a good driving song; I can see myself roaring down the road with the windows wide open and this song blasting on the radio.

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