WBC to picket Sandy Hook vigil

8 thoughts on “WBC to picket Sandy Hook vigil”

  1. These are truly despicable warped people. Hopefully some group will do what some do when they show up around here: get in front/beside/between them and hold up big sheet or large supportive signs blocking them. Some sing or play music to drown them out. After a while the obnoxious bunch leaves.
    Such self-centered inconsiderate arrogant people. Such a hateful thing to do.

  2. Never doubt the power of religion to foster weird behavior. Because of a blog comment this week I was moved to scan the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament, something I never had occasion to do when I was young, and that despite decades of striving to make sense of Christianity and the Bible. If you haven’t scanned Leviticus (and Numbers for that matter), I urge you to do so. Nothing I could say could convey its significance as well as direct exposure. 🙄

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