Winter watering

3 thoughts on “Winter watering”

    1. I was surface-watering with sprinklers to cover as much ground as I could as fast as possible. I do have a watering spike and hope to employ it on the next warm afternoon. (Need to get a second one so I can do front and back at the same time.) For now I just have to hope the subsoil hasn’t gotten too dry. Crossing my fingers for moisture the next couple of days. 60% chance tomorrow and 50% Thursday is better odds than we’ve seen for a long time. Seems like I’m always in the dry spot, though. 🙁

      1. Need to get some new hoses for watering next winter. I bought the best, toughest ones I could find a couple of years ago. Turns out uncoiling them in winter is like trying to uncoil copper tubing, and recoiling them is impossible.

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