Our tax system is SO broken

7 thoughts on “Our tax system is SO broken”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, PT. After over a year of not really using Facebook much and being bombarded regularly with invitations to check out people I never heard of, last week I cancelled my membership. Or at least I think I did – they made it difficult to do and still left me wondering, offering assurances that I could cancel my cancellation over the next two weeks. Why for god’s sake in the internet age should it take two weeks anyway? Nuts to Facebook.

  2. Along with GE. And Walmart gets big “special deal”, too. Apple is moving large sums offshore to avoid paying taxes.
    Drives me crazy.
    Oh, and want to thank all the US taxpayers who for TWO years have allowed General Motors to give a young relative who works (low level) for them big enough bonuses so he and his wife could go to Hawaii and wander France (last year). They are trying to decide where to go this year. GM can’t pay back the full amount money taxpayers loaned, but can pay all of them bonuses?
    Most taxpayers can afford vacations – or even gas for work.
    Choosing who to do “business” with carefully.

    1. Don’t get me started on Walmart. I refuse to set foot in the place. And I’ve never been happy with the bailout to GM, which should have been allowed to go bankrupt because of its own poor management. Er … of course, the bailout did save your relative’s job, and many others. There should have been no executive bonuses (or any bonuses) allowed in any company that accepted a government bailout.

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