62% say GOP out of touch

10 thoughts on “62% say GOP out of touch”

      1. Understood. In my pre-caffeinated state, I was having trouble formulating a coherent thought.

        I find the extremes on both sides … extreme. What ever happened to moderation?

  1. Lock them all in a room until work is done- including the President. (works for picking popes)
    Tired of all of them talking/complaining to media or groups that are not decision makers and do not have any stroke in this matter – and all the misleading “facts” and “predictions”…too much public wringing of hands and PR fretting
    Get the pitchforks out and demand they all grow up and do what is best for the country – not what is best for one party or the other.
    Sick of them all

    1. Yep, yep, yep. Like my mom used to say to us kids, I should turn them all over my knee and spank them. … Except that has a different connotation these days … Yes, in the past I’ve proposed that they all be locked in a room together and provided a diet of bread and water until they agree to do something. Or maybe we should speak a language they understand and just suspend their pay until they get the job done.

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