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What to do in Blackpool, England?

Anyone out there ever been to Blackpool, England? My son, grandson, and ex are going to London next month, primarily to see an Arsenal soccer match, and are contemplating a side trip to Blackpool to see another match there. They’ll have about 6 hours to kill in Blackpool before catching the train back to London and are casting about for tips on something interesting to see/do in that time. The best suggestion I could come up with was Madame Tussauds. Ideas? Anybody?


  1. I don’t know beans about Blackpool (nor soccer for that matter) but I do have a lifelong fascination with WW II and Churchill. I understand that the underground headquarters he used during the war are available for tourists and were I there I would somehow manage to see it.

  2. Though I wasn’t born until 10 years after “the big one,” I’d definitely choose sites like that bunker over a soccer match were I lucky enough to go on such a trip. Besides, I hear soccer matches in England are downright dangerous! 😉

    • I’d opt for all the historical stuff myself. The bunker, the castles, etc. But los tres caballeros are huge soccer fans and they can’t wait to see real European soccer. Arsenal is sort of the parent team to our Colorado Rapids — same owners and all. And my guys even have their own tiles in the plaza outside Arsenal stadium. I worried about safety, too, but have been assured that all that hooliganism doesn’t happen in Arsenal stadium. Don’t know about Blackpool and Brighton (another planned destination).

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