Sweet Sistine reaches Final Four

10 thoughts on “Sweet Sistine reaches Final Four”

      1. Sorry PT. Between this hunk-o-junk PC, my horrible mood swings, the time I waste watching TV or on sites like YouTube (not to mention being just plain lazy), it’s a wonder I get anything done at all! 🙄 😳

      2. The only reason I’m on here so much is because most TV is lousy, most news is depressing, and I’m between video games. Heaven help me if I ever lose my TV/Internet connection. 🙁 I really need to get a life …

      3. I was out yesterday watering my lil pine tree. Looking forward to being snowed in tomorrow with many inches of white stuff. Snow pack is still only at about 75% of what we need for summer water. And am ignoring the news.

      4. Talk about depressing news. I need to get a life too PT. But compared to the life I lived before, the one I’m living now is just fine by me. There’s a story that’s been running on my local news all week about a woman who made a panic call to 911 saying her son was trying to kill her on orders from Satan. When the police arrived to investigate, they discovered she had completely forgot to mention the dead girl lying on her basement steps!

        Stranger still, when I saw this report from last night I realized that the dead girl’s father is one of the dangerous lunatics I decided I needed to get sober and stay away if I didn’t want to end up dead myself. Talk about Satan – well he’s right there, pretending to be the sweet, grieving father for the cameras! 😯

      5. See? Even local news sucks. There’s just nothing out there I want to hear about. Wait, I take that back. Frozen Dead Guy Days got through to me. And I heard the Dow Jones was way up. And I’m always interested in the weather, which is likely to be big news here tomorrow. But you can keep your creepy Satanic killers. We’ve got enough of our own crazies around here.

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