She plays with her food

Hong Yi, a Malaysian artist and architect, is a grown-up, but she still plays with her food. In a most impressive way.

Squid and squid ink
Tulips are made of chilli padi, or baby chillis
Egg shell and egg
Onions and mint
Onions and mint leaves
Oatmeal, small greens/veggies, and lemon
Cherry tomatoes, nori (seaweed), and soy sauce

There’s more delicious art on her website, Oh I see Red! — here and here.

12 thoughts on “She plays with her food

  1. Once I went to her site and began to look at the range of her work, it was hard to stop. My favorite from the ones you featured is the chicken and egg, of course. When I did my installation “This Dirt Museum,” created jewelry from kitchen compost. Food as art has always intrigued me. Thanks!

    1. Evidently she’s widely known and somehow I’ve just missed her until now. She is so talented, and with different, unusual media.

      I’d have a tough time picking a single favorite, but I think the owl is adorable.

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