How to nominate a post for Freshly Pressed

13 thoughts on “How to nominate a post for Freshly Pressed”

  1. Just read that post myself. Had no idea. WP surely never made this known previously!
    I say it couldn’t be true, too easy. Obviously they’re trolling for
    Twitter followers 😉

    1. I found a post a few months ago that I wanted to nominate and asked a few people how to go about it. I was told it couldn’t be done. Yet common sense told me the WP staff can’t possibly review all the posts in WordPressland. They probably can’t even read all the nominations that slip in over the transom.

  2. Good to know PT. I’ve wondered about about how they got on there a few times. As for reading from someone’s “recommended” list, I can’t even keep up with all the blogs I’m already subscribed to! 🙄

    1. Same here. I look at Freshly Pressed occasionally, and probably should check it a lot more than I do. There’s some good stuff on there. But there’s so much on the Internet to read!!

      1. I’m subscribed to Freshly Pressed, but I’m subscribed to so many things that I doubt I even open more than 5% of the new post notifications I get. I should have remembered how compulsive I used to be with libraries and bookstores when I got into this internet thing! 😳

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