Tornado from space

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    1. I watched as much as I could stand — long enough to try to get the facts — and then turned it off. I tend to cry a lot over stuff like that, and it doesn’t do anyone any good.

  1. I want to know what’s going on, because I care about the people and I’m fascinated by these storms. But day after day of questions designed to provoke an emotional response being asked of people with cameras shoved in their faces just pisses me off! Sorry PT… 😳

    BTW, uploaded what appears to be the same video to YouTube:

    1. I focused on the video I linked because of that obvious “knot” of raised clouds right in the middle. But I don’t know if that’s the OKC tornado. What I need is an overlay or something with a dot marking OKC.

      And yes, the media piss me off too. Get the story in the first 48 hours or so, report the facts, and then get out and leave those people to bury their dead, mourn, and begin to rebuild in peace. I really wish some big guy would get pissed off enough to show them the door — in whatever manner he thinks most appropriate.

    1. Absolutely amazing what satellite cameras are capable of. These pictures confirm what I’ve always thought about tornadoes — if it’s not a direct hit, you’ll be fine. Or as the old timers used to put it, “A miss is as good as a mile.” Unfortunately, with a direct hit, you’d better be in a shelter. And so many of these people weren’t …

      1. The first page, with the zoom-able interactive damage track, was truly impressive, but they could’ve done a better job with positioning that darned description box!

      2. I kept looking for a way to close it, and there isn’t one! It takes up a lot of real estate on my laptop screen.

        If I’m interpreting correctly, it looks like the storm intensified just before it hit each school …

        Every school must have a shelter!

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