Neener neener

Apparently the comment spammers occasionally take time to read what’s been said about them. (I wonder if their bosses know they’re goofing off like that?) Here’s a comment that Akismet was holding for me this morning:

Don´t consider every nice comment as spam, its not but here my two cents. It´s all about fitness mates! Or what do you think? I like this data and it has given me some sort of commitment to have success for some reason, so thanks. Furthermore I´m definitely considering writing these facts in my own blog!

What do I think? Neener neener, gotcha last!

6 thoughts on “Neener neener

  1. Obvious spam, and I would delete without a second thought. But, even if it were a comment from someone who had read your post, it is so vacuous and so non-contributional that it merits no attention at all. It is the opposite of the implied compliment that a commenter pays by showing that your post engaged her mind and that she cares about your opinion, even when disagreeing.

    And that reminds me of your hang-up with the Like button, PT. At least the Like button permits an expression of interest while at the same time tacitly expressing that there’s nothing to add to the discussion. The Like button, it seems to me, carries no obligation for any acknowledgement. It’s just a little smile.

    1. Oh, I agree about the Like button. I’d put it back up in a second if it had spam protection (and if I could delete the spam that caused me to take it down in the first place).

      1. Most of the spam Akismet catches for me strikes me as having been written by either a person who speaks English on the level of a three year old, or by a program so poorly designed that the level of a three year old is the best it can do. But, as you have pointed out yourself, they are getting better. So, reading one that, while still obviously spam, yet has nevertheless cleverly “stepped up” to perhaps the level of a five year old, I just couldn’t help responding as if it had actually come from one. Wouldn’t you laugh if your five year old said something like that?!?! 😆

        1. It’s always been my understanding that most spammers are foreign (non-American), hence the fractured English. And it is amusing sometimes to see how they mangle the language, especially the colloquialisms. (A translation program would fail miserably on that score.) I’m guessing this guy might be in Southeast Asia since he used the Aussie “mates.”

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