The Matterhorn in black and white


“Twilight Clouds #2” from “A Portrait of the Matterhorn 2009 – ” by Nenad Saljic

If you love black-and-white photography and especially if you love mountains, you must see the Matterhorn portfolio of Nenad Saljic. I couldn’t tell you which of the 31 photographs is my favorite. All are magnificent. Reminiscent of Ansel Adams. And while you are on the website, don’t miss Saljic’s other work, especially the cave photos. Larger versions of some of the photos appear in an article on Slate.

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  1. I too appreciate black and white photography when I see it like these. My digital camera has a B&W function but I have only used it once, and that was on a self-portrait of me and the wife. I used natural light and it came out quite good. Why haven’t I used it more? I dunno, but maybe it’s because its effect is lost without special care to the other aspects, composition, framing, lighting, timing. Work is what it is.

    • A great camera and a great subject still don’t guarantee a great color photograph, I learned years ago. Doing it in B/W adds several more layers of difficulty, the first being that we don’t see in B/W. It takes a lot of training — work, as you said — to “see” a potentially great photo when color is not a factor. So many people would see no potential at all if there were no red jackets, yellow flowers, watercolor skies, green trees, etc. Contrast, dodging, burning, highlights, shadows. I’ve never even tried to go there.

  2. Oh my gosh!! So incredibly beautiful!!

  3. I love it. Black and white is dramatic and the shades and textures leap off the image. The contrast of the softness of the clouds shrouding the summit and the hard lines of the rockface is stunning.

  4. Terrific photo. And thanks for the link to the others.

  5. I’m with you – that would be great to have on the wall.
    Black and white photography is so elegant – you see so much more texture, contrasts, shapes, and shadows when not distracted by color.
    Hadn’t seen this guy – thanks!

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