Fawn rescued from Black Forest fire (video)

It’s not news anymore — forest fires burning in Colorado. Again. After two days of triple digit heat and single digit humidity, with winds gusting to 30 mph or more, the number of fires last night was five. For most of the day yesterday, local TV showed homes and forests burning and residents fleeing, so the following video from the 10 pm news was a welcome change.

Such a baby! The fawn, that is. But the firefighter looks awfully young too.


    1. Something about a big tough firefighter rescuing a tiny animal … gets me every time. This fawn is so young you can still see the spots on his back when he’s put into the car.

        1. Must be terrified. And certainly will never see mom again. Very sad. But he/she will be well taken care of. Magnificent animal rescue groups in this state.

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