Epic speech to incoming Georgia Tech students (video)

If you haven’t seen this unforgettable welcoming speech to Georgia Tech students, you must watch. And if you have seen it … enjoy it again. The speaker is GT student Nicholas S. Selby, and for this speech he deserves some special award that hasn’t been invented yet. He’s one hell of a speaker as well as a hell of an engineer. (To fully appreciate this, view full screen with volume turned up.)

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  1. I think that was VERY moving! LOVE THIS!! I would have loved to see the faces of the audience when he was speaking. I’ll have to show my kid this, who was considering GT. Oh, and by the way, I mentioned yesterday that you can now get a graduate degree from GT in computer science for a mere fraction of what tuition is for the brick and mortar schooling…Very cool!

    • I love it too. This guy is funny and inspiring and exciting. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or jump up and cheer.

      I don’t know much about GT, but I loved Atlanta when I lived there for a couple of years (admittedly that was 40 years ago).

  2. I giggled when I saw this. So not like my dignified brother who went there – he still has that yellowed cap. Those rambling wrecks are still at it.

    • The faculty member (?) in the background seemed amused too.

      I hadn’t seen or even thought about freshman beanies/caps since the green one I had to wear as a freshman at CU. I probably didn’t “have” to wear it, but freshmen can be so gullible …

  3. And “Thus Spake” not “Zarathustra” but whatever this kid’s name is 🙂

  4. Wow, I am SO glad I finally made it here ti see that PT. Gotta reblog this one! 😀

  5. Reblogged this on I Want Ice Water! and commented:
    Wow, this makes me wish I was starting college all over again!

  6. Saw this reblogged on I Want Ice Water, and as I told Mak – I’m in LOVE!! Engineers rock!

  7. I think this was great, and when he says “Like a badass” I thought that was priceless.

    I think engineering is needed now more then ever.

    Hope we all get out there and help design something and change the world!


  8. Enthusiasm. That’s what it takes.

  9. There’s still a place in this old world for believers and cheerleaders. He proved it.

  10. It had been heard across ocean too. That boy and the noise internet brought around him…is just scarying me.
    Remembers a lot of thing here and there.
    That’s for fun, that’s ok. Though the reference to Übermensch as an american young student (in Georgia) is just as cool as an ice cub on my chin. As German people could never help the memories to come with shame, some of american elite should be careful on what they put in their youth heads.

  11. Wonderful to see someone who feels passionate about Georgia Tech, PT!

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