Can’t get to Estes Park? Here’s an idea


I know, I know, you’re tired of my writing about Estes Park and the awful flooding and how they are now down to only one road out to the rest of the world, and how their main attraction, Rocky Mountain National Park, has been shut down by the government at the height of the fall tourist season. But if you’ve been wanting to help or show your support, and you can’t send a $50,000 donation or even get up there to do a little shopping, here’s something that caught my eye.

These handsome vinyl stickers were designed and are being sold in Estes, with part of the proceeds going to help the folks there and in the surrounding mountain communities that were ravaged by the floods. The stickers are available in two sizes from Signs of Life. T-shirts and sweatshirts with the same emblem/logo are being produced and sold by Trail Ridge Printing. Again, a portion of the proceeds goes to help the folks in this area.

Normally I maintain a “no stickers” policy for my car, but these will look great on my white Forester. And I’m a diehard T-shirt collector. Isn’t everyone?

I placed my orders last night, but maybe I should order a few more while they are still available. You know, for when the first ones wear out.

Heh, I just noticed that mountain silhouette is “my” mountain, Longs Peak. I definitely need some more of that!

8 thoughts on “Can’t get to Estes Park? Here’s an idea

  1. Never too much attention given. Disaster areas take along time to recover – not everyone is close enough to drive over for a hamburger in support. (Some cabins/places to stay are still not ready although there are always elk/deer in Estes and aspen along the way for photo ops)
    Hope the local/state tourist websites offer items for holiday gifts. (A gift could give twice!)
    The Signs of Life website asks people to send pix of their decals in use to be posted.
    Who could not want one of the vintage Ski Hidden Valley bumper stickers?
    Please relay any ways to help – it takes a long time. People forget.

    1. I’ve been looking for places to order online from there, but this caught my attention because the money goes to a general fund instead of just to the individual business. Not to mention that I love the logo.

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