High Country Calling

10 thoughts on “High Country Calling”

  1. Thank you, PT, for this posting. The poem’s images are beautiful and comforting in the face of the depressing shutdown realities. Estes is strong and will make it back. Now leaving for work; no paycheck again till ???, unlike the legislators….

    1. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry to hear you are one of the many having to pay a price so the games can continue in Washington. It’s lawmakers who should have to pay first and most for their lack of responsibility. Maybe, in the next election, some of them finally will.

  2. I love how you reworked that great poem PT, and I’m madder than I can possibly express at those a-holes in Washington. Estes has a good friend in you and I hope that mountain spirit helps get them through this mess…

    1. Thanks. I’m angry too, too angry for words, and very, very sad. At least it’s been announced locally that FEMA workers and the National Guard people who are helping with flood recovery will stay on the job.

      1. Well whaddayaknow, those idiots can do something right after all. Unlike making their own government benefits exempt from the mess they’ve created…

  3. Beautiful post. So sorry to hear this. I enjoyed my time in CO last week. I was up in Vail, but have been to many of the area towns over the years. It is so clean and well cared for. I hope Estes Park gets on its feet again soon.

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