I tawt I taw … a wabbit

3 thoughts on “I tawt I taw … a wabbit”

  1. Too funny! Maybe they can etch a small rabbit somewhere. Hey, if Playboy can ensure a bunny is in every cover photo, surely there is a way to let these artists add a rabbit to the statue.

    1. Frankly I don’t understand the original objection to the artists signing their work, with signatures, somewhere on the statue. I always thought that was customary — a signature somewhere, usually near the bottom or on the base. In place of or maybe along with a rabbit drawing. At this point the rabbit has become part of the history of the statue. I’d hate to see it disappear completely.

  2. i like it, as an alternative, a mark of their work. it adds an interesting element to the piece. like you, i don’t understand why they were not allowed to leave their signature in the the first place.

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